2013 – 2023


Product design, UX, UI, Design System, Product management, Brand identity



Leevia is a SaaS platform that allows brands, companies and media agencies to easily launch online contests. Leevia is also the company I co-founded in 2013 and that I worked on most of my professional career.

With Leevia, clients can easily choose one of the many products available to setup a contest landing page, add graphics, edit copy, setup prizes, customize transational messages, and many, many more things. 

Since 2014 Leevia product suite grew to satisfy every customer need, from all time greats such as Instant Win or Photo Contest, to more complex solutions like Instant Poll (a poll contest with an instant win spin), or social connected solutions such as Instagram Giveaway.

The greatest challenge with Leevia has been creating a B2B2C solution.

Leevia’s backoffice has to be powerful yet simple to use, to allow clients to focus on promoting their initiatives rather than fumble with code and legal requirements.

For participants, products should be easy to use and self explanatory, to maximize conversion rate and allow customers to increase the ROI of the campaign.

Another great achievement has been to design features in a way that can be seamlessly blend across radically different campaign types, in this way a single developed feature will benefit the whole set of products, with a shared user experience and design language.